13.2 few spot "appy" Gypsy Cob
2005 stallion, imported from UK
Silver's sire showing the colorful genes he carries:
Hermit's Ghost Palouse - UK
A bit about the appaloosa spotted Gypsy:

Most people think pinto when they think of the color of the Gypsy horse or cob. In fact, Gypsy horses come in all colors from palomino to appaloosa spotted. Most of the rarer colors are still found in small numbers in the UK, Ireland and the continents that Gypsy people are found. The spots descend from the old oriental lines.

"Silver" is called the "few spot leopard" due to showing only a few spots yet carrying two genes for the spotting trait.To inherit one copy you see the spotting color on the body or roaning blanket. To inherit two causes the genes to "wipe out" the body color so you see a white body with only a few spots. Since the sire gives each foal one of the copies of his spotting gene on each baby "Silver" will 100% pass on a spotting gene to each foal since he has two. We go so far as to guarantee that your foal sired by silver will carry one spotting gene and show color/characteristics by maturity. Think of Silver if you'd like to add, not only quality, but to also to add the rare and flashy color of the spotted Gypsy!
                                               The only few-spot Gypsy Cob in the USA!
He's also only one of a very small handful of Gypsy Vanners in the USA with spots!

CS Hermits Silver Shadow

imported UK
appy spotted few-spot
Hermits Ghost Palouse
blk leopard spot
Hermits Lonely Ghost
blk few spot
Kylkenny-blk leop spot
Tansey of Darcy-leop
Hermits Cassatta
bay leopard spot
Hermits Lonley Ghost
Hermits Molly
Hermits Ghost Charisma
chest leopard spot
Hermits Lonely Ghost
blk few spot
Kylkenny-blk leop spot
Tansey of Darcy-leop
Hermits Molly TBD
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DNA tested / Registered SHAPS, GHA, GVHA 
color tested non-grey and carries both black, agouti and red genes

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Silver has moved to CA!
Silver will be leased to the Jennifer Rose Ranch in Templeton, CA in Nov of 2011. He will be standing at stud from that location- visit Jennifer's site at http://www.jennerroseranch.webs.com

All images on this page by Jennifer Rose.