This is a Coturnix Quail. Many people like to eat the eggs as well as keeping them as pets and for meat.
We will have some Coturnix Quail for sale in 2016. You can email if your interested in aquiring some quail or have any questions.
Coturnix Quail eggs in the incubator. The larger ones are bantam chicken eggs.
Email for more info at
Coturnix quail chicks.

Would you like me to incubate a particular kind  or color of quail for you? Send me an email and we can see if we can work out a deal to raise some quails for you. Send to Tammie at This has been a popular and successful program!
Quails make great pets!
Young Golden Italian Speckled Coturnix Quail
C Spots Farm

Quails, Quails, Quails!
Button Quail chicks.

The Beginner's Guide to
Hatching Quail Eggs

If you have ever thought about incubating and raising your own quails this book is a step by step guide to success!

Only $2.99!

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