Crayonbox Midnight Colors of C Spots
Toyland Macho Chips x Toyland Terrilee
C Spots Miniature Horses presents
"Colors" is an excellent example of a horse in miniature!

Colors is homozygous for black . This means she will never produce a red based foal. Colors is an appaloosa spotted mini and may be a few spot (double dose of appaloosa genes) or varnish black with large blanket with a few spots.

As with all of our select breeding horses Colors has a royal pedigree, correct leggy conformation (Thoroughbred type), big eyes , well balanced movement and a personality that is spunky yet sweet :)
Toyland Buttoneer
30.5 black few spotted appy-sire of many "big spot" apps.
Toyland La Tierra
black- TL Zodiac grd daughter.

Toyland Zodiac
Historical Falabella black leopard. Foundation for many of today's show app minis.
Toyland Lollapaloosa
black roan with spots- direct import from Est. Falabella. Foundation mare to many of today's app minis.

Boones HSF Macho
one of the first directly imports during the 1960s. Black leopard appy
HSF Carmen
31" black- one of the first imports from Est. Falabella. A foundation of the Falabella in USA

Mini Hoofs Mountain Man
30.25 true palomino with wither to rump blanket and big spots.
Toyland Merrilee
silver black frost blanket- sire is a few spot black leopard Leprechaun.
Toyland Casino Chips
Falabella black big spot leopard appy

Toyland Lolita
Falabella- black - top producer of colored correct babies

Toyland Zodiac
Historical Falabella black leopard. Foundation for many of today's show appaloosa minis

Toyland Merrilee Lady
Silver black frost blanket appy

Toyland Macho Chips
Pure Falabella-homozygous black-
black leopard appy -big spots

Toyland Terrilee
57% Falabella
homozygous black -has produced
three out of three appy colored
foals. We believe she carries the "color" genes but not a loud "show white" gene so she's minimally white but produces foals that are appy.
homozygous black filly born with white over hips and few black spots. Looks like she may be a varnish roan appy when she sheds out.

Out on lease
2009 snowcap colt
2008 leopard colt
2010 black blanket blazed colt
All Colors colt's photos by Ivonne Pearson