C Spots Farm

Chick and Chicken Sale Page

We are located in Franklin, MA. We always have chicks in the spring and early summer. Typically we have our Rhode Island Red, Easter Egger, Cochins and Silkies then. We also do have small batches of  Serama chicks all spring-summer-and fall. Email Tammie at cspots@netzero.net to check availability.
all 2016 hatch
#410 Very colorful and proud boy! 
#2001 This feisty guy has it all going for him!
#2046 Flashy, proud cockerel, he was not sure what was going on (his first time on the table).He shows himself well normally. $25
#2088 Very calm roo, always holds himself upright. Calm, would make a nice pet. 
#2098 wildly marked mottled cockerel. Show, breed, pet.... this guy has it all! Very people oriented- seeks you out :) #25
#2077 Chocolate brown roo. Handsome boy, proud, always watchful and active. $25
#2067 Flashy shiny red with dark tail roo. Proud boy, always showing his stuff. Calm. $25
#2075 Colorful eye-catching boy! This boy has a bright future! $25
After 30 days quarentine these boys have been wormed and are parasite free. They are housed together with hens and all get along. All are within weights for tabletop showing. Shipping available at $65 for up to 4 birds. NPIP. 
Pair of chicks that carry silkied. Black mottled cockerel and brown/partridge pullet. Cannot ship until older. $30 pair. Will not seperate.