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Chick and Chicken Sale Page

We are located in Franklin, MA. We always have chicks in the spring and early summer. Typically we have our Rhode Island Red, Easter Egger, Cochins and Silkies then. We also do have small batches of  Serama chicks all spring-summer-and fall. Email Tammie at cspots@netzero.net to check availability.
 Seramas are the world's smallest breed of chicken. They can come in different feather types such as smooth, frizzle (curly) and silkied (like fur). They are common as house pets in their native country of Malaysia. They stand like tiny toy soldiers- very upright and walking with a distinctive high step. Temperamentally they are known to be very sweet and people oriented.

Tribbles are a "type" of Serama. They are known for being very small, round, fluffy and look like a puff ball with legs. They are somewhat new in the USA and are rare.
Patches - 2016 laying hen, carries silkied recessively. Produces chicks with wild mottling. $65
Royal - 2016 rooster, father of lots of black exchequer chicks both silkied and smooth as he carries silkied recessively. $80
Jonathan - 2017 rooster. Tribble! Tribbles are more of the round type of Serama rather than the extreme upright kind. They are small and tend to have very fluffy feathers so they look like puff balls. They are very rare and hard to come by. $125
Timothy - 2017 rooster - awsome type and super fluffy silkied feathers. Would be good candidate for Tribble breeding. Rare mostly white with splashes of black, brown, mahogany and red. $75
Small colorful chocolate partridge mottled young hen. Should start laying any time. $85
Another fantastic pair but smooth feathered. Both are tri-color exchequer pattern. Both are the right type for showing or breeding. Both are small. Can't go wrong with these two!!!! $160 pair only.
Handsome exchequer cockerel. Small smooth feather boy. Nice type- could show, breed or be a great pet!!!! Free to good home. Would like these two boys to go together.
I have chicks available. Chicks must be 3 month old juveniles to ship so local pickup only or do offer to hold chicks until old enough to ship with an extra fee. 

These chicks are all too young to sex. Four are smooth feathered and nine are silkied. I cannot gauge adult size (for the most part) at this young age.

Most chicks are $10 each - a few of the rarer ones are $20 each. Once I know sex the prices go up to $35 for pullets and $10 for cockerels (or free in some instances). 

I do offer quantity discounts :) 

I do ship. I use approved shipping boxes and have been shipping birds all over the USA for years. I will only ship to the continental USA states. Birds are guaranteed healthy at the time of shipment. 

I do offer eggs as well. 12+ silkied Serama eggs (silkied or silkied carriers) shipping in foam via Priority mail with tracking. I have an excellent feedback rating as an above average seller on ebay under TammieC. 

Contact me by email at cspots@netzero.net or you can contact me on Facebook. Click the link below to go to my Facebook page. Send a message :)
"April" our handicapped Easter Egger
Very sweet small smooth tri color mottled cockerel. Very typy. Free to good home - would like these two boys to go together.
Bifur - older hen but still laying and going broody regularly. Wonderful disposition. $60
Cleo - older hen but still laying and going broody. She is a melanized partridge and these photos don't do her color justice! See her on the right also for type. $60
Little Black in back and Cleo in front (Buff in back is not for sale). Two older girls that have been together since hatching (along with Bifur). Little Black is also still laying and goes very  broody! Little Black has produced some gypsy faced chicks. $60 Little Black $60 Cleo
Peeper - red silkied older hen. Excellent type and feather. She looks huge in the picture but she's not. She lays regularly and has raised two broods. $100
No longer available- This beautiful hen is busy raising her third brood!
The boys have a new home!!!!
Please email me for current list of Seramas (and Tribbles) available. Due to time I am unable to keep up with keeping this page current :) Send email to cspots@netzero.net or connect with me on FaceBook - Tammie Cappuccio