C Spots Calista Falabella

Black appy mare born 5/28/05 A/R 34"

Dee's Johnny Cash
*sire of Nat'l Gr Champ Mare &
Nat'l Champ mare
Black 29.5"

Toyland Falabella Calita
pure Falabella mare black blanket appy 34"
Dee Dee's Little "Bobby Doo"

Dee Dee's Little "Tiny Bubbles"

Toyland Casino Chips
bold spotted black leopard appy 32.5

Toyland Lolita
black sired by the famous sire "TL Zodiac" 33"
50% Falabella 
Very notable Falabella background on dam's side
Foundation pedigree on sires side
Pedigree traceable 10 generations
Calista is now Parent Qualified! This means she was tested via DNA to prove her pedigree.
Currently out on lease
Dees Johnny Cash x Toyland Falabella Calita
Calista's parentage was DNA tested negative for gray genes so she is a roan/marble appaloosa.
Calitsta 2011
Photo by Ivonne Pearson