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Although we don't keep quail to eat I've been told they are delicious so I've added a helpful article here with the least stress possible to the bird.

Butchering Quail

Quails may be small but their meat is considered very tasty and can be cooked in all the ways you would cook a chicken.  It’s important when raising quail to keep stress to a minimum for optimum health.  When butchering quail it very important to keep the quail as calm as possible.

With practice it can take as little as five minutes to butcher a quail. You will need a pair of sharp kitchen shears, a knife, newspaper and a container of cold water and a container of hot water at 148 degrees F, big enough to hold the quail. 

Hold the quail over a bucket upside down and they will naturally stretch the neck out. It is easier with two people- one to hold the bird and one to do the cutting. Using the kitchen shears make a clean cut through the neck and cut the head off with one snip of the shears.  This is the most humane method and causes the least amount of stress to the bird. 

The blood will drain down into the bucket. Then drop the quail body into the hot water for five seconds to loosen the feathers and skin for plucking later.  Remove the legs by cutting just below the knee joint and the wings at the joint where it meets the body.  Make sure the belly is right side up and cut across the tail where it meets the body.  Turn the quail over and slide the scissors between the skin and backbone along the back. The skin should come off easily by peeling it. 

Cut along each side of the spine from that tail end once the skin is removed.  Remove the spine and the entrails will come out with it. Dunk the bird in the cold water to rinse. The quail is now ready to eat or store away for later. 

Quail is like chicken in that it can be prepared any way you can prepare chicken.  Quail meat does not tend to be “gamey.” They are excellent nutritionally as one Coturnix Quail has 20g protein and is very low in fats and cholesterols and high in nutrients.